Bird Park Walsrode

More than 4500 birds, 750 species, from all continents of the world are waiting for you in one of the most beautiful garden landscapes in North Germany. A unique park and garden landscape on 240,000 square meters invites you to explore the secrets of the bird world every season.

If Petrus is busy, enjoy the unique bird world of Indonesia in the sensational tropical forest hall (2,700 sqm). The registered Expo project, with its many free-flying birds, is the only place in Europe where you can observe the legendary birds of paradise during their colorful life.

The flight show built in 2001 offers even more attractions. In addition to the fast hunting flight of the falcons and eagles and other actors, parrots will also proudly demonstrate their flying skills. Why are vultures better on foot? These and many other questions will be answered in the exciting program.

You can find further information on the homepage of the bird park