Heide Express Train

Experience the Kleinbahnromantik of the 50s.

Get off to a cozy stroll with old-timer trains on the railway network of the railways of the East, passing meadows, through forests and idyllic places. So that it is not too dry during the journey, small meals and various beverages are offered in the company and buffet car. Strollers and wheelchairs are of course free of charge. At the respective destinations you have several hours of free time. Well signposted hiking trails and educational trails make hiking and cycling a special experience.

With the Heide Express you can explore many excursion destinations such as:

  • Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide near Döhle and Egestorf
  • Naturpark Südheide near Hermannsburg
  • Schiffshebewerk near Scharnebeck
  • Wasserschloss Bleckede
  • Lopausee near Amelinghausen
  • Wassermühle Soderstorf
  • Jagdschloss Iserhatsche in Bispingen
  • Waldspielplatz “Luhegrund”
  • Holländerwindmühle in Eyendorf
  • Panzermuseum Munster
  • Heidesee bei Müden
  • Schulmuseum Steinhorst
  • Otterzentrum Hankensbüttel
  • Wassermühle Cordingen

The Heide Express travels in winter, spring and summer, as well as in autumn. This makes Christmas celebrations or releated possible.

Further information is available on the homepage of the Heide-Express