Joe Bodemann Centre

Named after the globally known and successful filmmaker and veterinary surgeon, Joe Bodemann, who has proved his skills nationally and internationally over 25 years in more than 1000 productions!

This world-wide unique center is the starting point for all animal lovers.

  • Modern animal training without penalties
  • The new way of animal healing
  • The exclusive dog & amp; cat hotel
  • and a gracefully place for old pets

Here everybody is taking care of the welfare of all animals with a lot of heart, around the clock!

The center is managed by Joe Bodemann and his team.
They are people who are willing to restore their private life for the animals. They are professionally qualified and have a great heart for animals. These are also the principles that led to this particular center, which is at the same time Joe Bodemann’s lifework.

Joe Bodemann is today one of the best film animal coaches in the world! His dealings with the animals brought him the legendary reputation of being the most gentle animal trainer!

In the American television he was honored in various TV contributions as the German “animal pope”!

In the center there are many things to visit.

Very interesting for visitors are the following things:

  • Film animal park
  • Filmt animal museum
  • Jungle coffee
  • Dog and cat hotel
  • Joe-Bodemann gracefully farm
  • Dog academy
  • Alternative animal health practice

From next year, a new show will be opened on the railing.

Lions of Love

The complete program can of course also be booked through us.
At the end of a beautiful tour and breathtaking impressions, you can also enjoy coffee and cake in the Jungle Café.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Filmtierpark