Serengeti Park

With the 4 different worlds, the Safaripark will surely captivate you.

The animal park is the only one of the four adventure countries you can not explore on foot. Guests are greeted on over 110 acres of 1,000 exotic animals, which are not barred from the road on the 10 km stretch. You will find giraffe, rhinoceros, trampeliers, zebras, antelopes, lions, Bengaltiger, white-gold tigers, bears, baboons, elephants (in one of Germany’s largest elephant breeding facilities). Europe’s largest pet zoo can also be found in the animal kingdom.
You can explore the animal kingdom either in your own car at your own risk
Or during our popular Serengeti bus tour.

The waterland, as well as the recreational land, is part of the leisure park area. You will explore this experience on foot. Here, you will find the wild water trail, the duck carousel, the pedal boats and the different kind of ducks. The focus of this experience is clearly on the exciting rides. The daring of you can look forward to Condor, Breakdance, Enterprise, Rainbow, Giant Ship Swing and much more. The Africa village Congo gives you a real African feeling and the hanging bridge is simply top! The offer is rounded off by various attractions (shows, driving pleasure for toddlers from 3 years, souvenir shops, kiosks, snacks, etc.).

The monkey land is one of the adventure countries that you can explore on foot. The focus here is on the animals, more specifically the monkeys. There are 200 monkeys from 20 species of monkeys (for example, gorillas and chimpanzees, sea cats, white-headed macaques, etc.). In the immediate vicinity of the Amboseli Gorilla and Chimpanzee Reserve you will also find the group of white tigers and also the popular jungle safari tour begins here. For the physical well-being in the restaurant Zanzibar of course also provided. It is located directly between the money land  and the leisure land.
In no case should you miss the daily feeding of the gorillas and chimpanzees!

The recreational area, as well as the water land, is part of the leisure park area. You will explore this experience on foot. The emphasis here is on the diversity of the passenger trains that awaits you. Elephant flyer, Leo Express, top spin, fun for children from 3 years, etc. – there is something for everyone. The offer is rounded off by various attractions (children’s playgrounds, fitness trail, shows, kiosks, snacks, etc.). For the physical well-being is provided, for example, in the restaurant Zanzibar. It is located between monkey and recreational land.

For further information, please visit the Serengeti Park website